3 Best Short Power Racks for Low Ceilings (Full Comparison & Reviews)

best short power rack low ceilings

Building a killer home gym is every lifter's dream.

Thankfully, most of the equipment you need is affordable and can be easily bought online and delivered right to your home.


But there's one major problem...

Power racks and squat racks, the centerpieces of most home gym, often won't fit in basements.

And the basement is a prime home gym location!

If you're having this problem while shopping for home gym equipment, let's dive in to my research and recommendations for the best power racks for low ceilings.

(First, a quick summary:)

  • Best budget rack: Ollieroo Multi-function barbell rack
  • Best mid-range rack Cap Barbell 6' full cage power rack
  • Best higher-end & best overall rack Titan T-2 short power rack
  • Height Full or half? Weight Capacity Price
    Ollieroo multi-function barbell rack 64.2" Half 480lbs $
    Cap Barbell 6' full cage power rack 72" Full 500lbs $$
    Our Pick: Titan T-2 short power rack 71" Full 700lbs $$$

    How to shop for a power rack for a low ceiling room or basement

    So here's the problem.

    Most standard power racks clock in at about 7 feet tall, or 84". Most homes in the United States and other developed countries have 8 foot tall ceilings.

    That makes for a pretty good (if a little bit tight) fit. Because true ceiling height is usually a little bit less than structural ceiling height, you may have SOME issues doing full range of motion pull ups with a 7' rack and an 8' ceiling, but you should be OK.

    The real problem occurs when you're putting a squat or power rack in a basement with low ceilings — usually around 7 feet.

    This leaves zero clearance for head room and assembly for your standard rack.

    That's why you need a shorter-than-usual power rack. There aren't a ton of options, but there are a few good choices that come in at 6' or lower.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind while you look for short power racks:

    • Your height: A 6' power rack sounds great... unless you're 5' 11". That puts the top bar almost right at your forehead, which could be uncomfortable and dangerous. If you're on the taller side, consider a half rack (see my recommendations below).
    • Weight capacity: With shorter racks, you often have to compromise somewhere, and often it's with the overall fortitude of the structure and its weight limit. If you're really strong, make sure your short power rack can handle the weights you'll be using.
    • To pull-up or not to pull-up? If you want to use your rack's pull up bar (and do full range of motion), you'll need a little extra headspace. So don't cut the measurements too close!


    Best Budget Power Rack for Low Ceilings: Ollieroo Multi-function barbell rack

    Overview: The Ollieroo is a half rack with a ton of versatility and solid construction. You might be surprised to learn that even many of the best half racks on the market are too tall for low ceiling rooms! The Ollieroo multi-function is one of the few exceptions, and is an outstanding rack in its own right.

    Max Height: 64.2"

    Weight Capacity: 480lbs

    Why We Like It: The red and black color scheme looks plain awesome. This half rack also has some really nifty features, in addition to being one of the few pieces of home gym equipment that should fit comfortably in most basements. It's adjustable by height AND width, meaning it can accommodate and support a wide range of exercises. Reviewers rave about the solid steel construction and easy assembly. Best of all, the price tag is extremely budget friendly.

    Potential Drawbacks: The weight limit on the Ollieroo half rack is only 480lbs, and that's the absolute maximum. If you're a strong, experienced lifter who needs a home gym that can handle heavy, heavy squats or impressive bench numbers, this might not be the one.

    Best Mid-Range Power Rack for Low Ceilings: Cap Barbell 6' Full Cage Power Rack

    Overview: Cap Barbell has taken their extremely popular and well-made 7 foot cage and, well, chopped part of it off! The 6 foot model is a perfect fit for lower ceiling rooms and garages, and gives you some extra features you won't get in the half rack options. This is a solid full cage power rack with a lot to like about it.

    Max Height: 72"

    Weight Capacity: 500lbs

    Why We Like It: One of the very, very few full power cages that's capable of fitting in a 7 foot ceiling room right out of the box. Speaking of out of the box, assembly of this bad boy is a breeze, with many reviewers commenting on how easy it was. It's a pretty straight forward rack... well made, reasonably priced, and with all the usual features you'd expect to see without a ton of extras. It doesn't hurt that the powder-coated finish is great and overall the rack has an awesome look to it.

    Potential Drawbacks: 4" between pin holes isn't ideal for fully customizable adjustment, particularly on the bench press. Weight capacity is still lower than ideal.

    Best Higher-End Power Rack for Low Ceilings: Titan T-2 short power rack

    Overview: The Titan T-2 short is, simply put, the best rack you'll find under 7' tall. This sub-six-foot rack is made like a tank, with a solid max weight capacity and much thicker gauge steel than most competitors in this market. The price is higher than the others on this list but still quite reasonable. Trust us, you won't do much better than this.

    Max Height: 71"

    Weight Capacity: 700lbs

    Why We Like It: One look and you can tell the Titan T-2 means business. It's made from 11 gauge steel which holds up great and puts most other racks in this price range to shame. It can comfortably handle up to 700lbs on this frame, far more than the other racks mentioned on this list, and enough to keep even pretty advanced lifters happy for a while. Another great feature, the pines holes are a measly 1.25" apart, giving you a TON of room to customize the bar height for any exercise under the sun. The pull up bar on the Titan T-2 is actually a few inches below the top of the rack, at 68", so you should even have room for those full ROM pull ups if you so choose.

    Potential Drawbacks: This rack is deep and wide, giving it a large overall footprint despite its short stature. Price tag is the highest on this list.

    Wrapping up

    In most cases when shopping for home gym equipment, there are enough options to make your head spin.

    Not so when choosing a power rack for a basement or low ceiling room.

    There are really only a handful of racks out there on the market that can fit in a room with 7 foot ceilings, and some of those are half-racks (which are great, but come with a few compromises.)

    Based on my research, you're really going to have trouble doing better than the awesome and reasonably priced Titan T-2 short rack.

    Hope this helps!

    Get the full specs & read customer reviews of my top recommended short power rack, the Titan T-2 short power rack